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Nicola Filia was born in Carbonia, in the province of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy). During college, in the
atelier of his father, a painter, he casually discovers his taste for beauty and his love for clay: an ephipany for him, immediately transformed into a great passion, a discovery of his talent till then hidden and invisible. He immedately leaves the faculty of foreign languages and takes on a course of clay creation and design in Oristano, city of the “Figoli”, where he graduates with full marks.
The Regional Council of Sardina acknowledges his talent and orders a collection of exclusive pieces and, some years after, an interpretation of the Holy Nativity.
In 2008, in Nuoro, he obtains his first success with the installation “A Forest of White Trees”, a forest
ravelled in its sensations, where the artist tries again, relentlessly, to expose the shape of his
hermaphrodite soul, entangled in water and fire, as earth is.
Ceramicist, he is for years committed to designing imagine as functional product, and in the same time conceptual artist tending to keep his distance from commodification of the object. His works become, with instinctive aesthetic creativity, tools breaking pre-established schemes, with linearity as lowest common denominator. Currently his artistic project goes beyond matter, starting from the end, from scrap. The excess of matter becomes art, the clay Filia empties from other creations. Unstructured scrap, reborn with a synaesthetic process of compositions and accumulations.

In the last years Nicola Filia’s works are displayed in his temporarey gallery in San Pantaleo; on the
Emerald Coast his ceramic lamps light up the renowned Romazzino Hotel in Porto Cervo and, on the
Eastern Coast of Sardinia, the Lanthia Resort in Santa Maria Navarrese. He also has a permanent exhibition at the Pevero Golf Club. He designed the Cafè Elite Promenade in Porto Cervo, where some of his pictures-sculptures can be seen; these can also be found in Surrau Winery. He was the only artist based and born in Sardinia to have a Site-Specific installation, “A forest of white trees” , in the luxury Harrod’s Summer Promenade in Sardinia.

He has won the international prize “A forest for Kyoto 2015” with his most known work and received the trophy at the Campidoglio in Rome, in the prestigious Promototeca Hall. In summer 2015 he opens the Nicola Filia art gallery in San Pantaleo.

nicola filia

studio – via salviati 16 – 07026 Olbia OT
Art Gallery – via Maddalena 16 – SAN PANTALEO – Costa Smeralda

(+39) 347.6609067